Lens Based Media Artist

Photo © Aimee Santos

Artist's Statement:

Eliana Cetto’s work is an exploration of identity and power. Cetto critically examines the social experiences of women, employing visibility, activism, and intersectional feminism. As a Millennial, she believes that emerging technology allows marginalized voices to be heard and claim space. Technology also allows her to virtually insert herself into spaces she would normally not be granted access because of her status as a queer Latina.  She reclaims environments to support her hybrid identity through video installations, performance, and alternative processes. Cetto utilizes trends, social media, and "selfie" culture as tools for rebellion.



Eliana Cetto is a lens based media artist specializing in multimedia photo/video installations and alternative photographic processes working in the Bay Area. Her performances explore identity, visibility, and reclamation. Her work has been shown regionally in San Francisco venues such as the de Young Museum, SOMArts, and the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, as well nationally at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art in New Orleans, the Gormley Gallery in Baltimore, and the University of Central Florida Gallery. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in Photography from San Jose State University and her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography and Painting with an Art History double major concentrating in Critical Theory and Critique Writing from the University of the Pacific . She is the Western Regional Representative for the Society of Photographic Educators LGBTQ National Caucus.

Eliana continuously updates her Instagram feed and blogs at TooFatToBeHipster.tumblr.com and the BodyPositivityProject.tumblr.com .