“Your Abuela’s Prayers Still Protect You” invokes rituals in reaction to the patriarchy. Infuenced by traditional practices from the intersections of her heritage, Eliana Cetto conjures a healing space for reclamación. In the landscape, Cetto performs commentary on feminine vulnerability and strength. Her actions critique cultural stereotypes and react against gender violence through the language of curanderismo. Adorned with the communal ribbons from her “Gathering the Embers” performances, Cetto calls to her community to carry the erased legacies of strong women into the future. Representations of her grandmothers’ rituals become altars to self care, printed on silk and encapsulated in handmade nichos. “Your Abuela’s Prayers Still Protect You” is a gesture towards the practices of our ancestry, used for navigating contemporary life as a queer, feminist Latina. 

The "Yaocihuatl" exhibition installation of "Your Abuela's Prayers Still Protect You" includes ribbons used in the "Gathering the Embers" performance with Mayra Guadalupe, pictured above. For more on Cetto's "Gathering the Embers" performances and workshops, go here